Lion Eye Live Music Productions


Lion Eye Productions

We can supply any size Reggae and/or Caribbean band. The price is $100 for set up, $100 per hour of travel, $250 per person for 3 sets or 3 hours of performance time. With breaks that usually covers a 4 hour event. $100 per hour after that.

We have steel drums and vocalists available. You must pay and arrange for any ferries, parking, lodgings, airplane, bus or train tickets necessary to perform at the event. Purchaser also agrees to provide Artist with the following accommodations : Food, refreshments, cover if rain, secure parking and 20 amp electric power to stage or flat, non-porous, performance surface.

The agreement of the performers to perform is subject to proven detention by accidents, riots, sickness, strikes, epidemics, acts of God or any legitimate conditions beyond their control.

This music will transport your soul to the tropical, lush Caribbean island.


Reggae Band

The Mystic Jammers use sonic science and music metaphysics to drive audiences into a state of ecstasy.